Wedding Scrapbooking: The Ultimate Commemoration of a Special Time

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One cannot argue that weddings are one of life’s most important events; as such, it is important that such events be chronicled in a unique and personalized way. Wedding scrapbooking is a wonderful way to commemorate a couple’s special day, and the important milestones within the relationship that culminated in them being married.

Wedding Scrapbooking Ideas

Wedding scrapbooking can be the result of many different creative processes. For young newlyweds, parents of the bride and groom might want to work together on a scrapbook that commemorates the childhoods of the couple. It is especially common for little girls to draw pictures of brides in wedding dresses, and if parents have drawings like that from their daughter’s youth that would be a perfect addition. Another idea would be to include a photo of the married couple as the culmination of the scrapbook.

Married couples of any kind might want to do wedding scrapbooking to commemorate the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon all together. For those who wish to make an especially detailed scrapbook, the book could begin with such events as their bridal shower, and bachelor/bachelorette party. Handwritten copies of their vows, the receipt from the bridal gown purchase, and petals gathered from when the flower girl threw them during the ceremony are all things that would make the process of wedding scrapbooking all the more memorable.

If it is a couple’s anniversary, their children might want to do a wedding scrapbook as the perfect anniversary gift. The emphasis should be on the evolution of couple’s love over the years, so it would be a great idea to include the lyrics from their favorite love song, as well as classic love poetry from famous authors like Shakespeare. A nice idea would be to begin the scrapbook with the official wedding photo and to end it with the most recent picture of the couple. It is a creative way of indicating the endurance of love.

These types of scrapbooks are among the least expensive to create, because in wedding scrapbooking the most important items are the photographs. Thus, such scrapbooks should be complimented by thoughtful captions, but should not be overdone. It all depends on the overall tone of the books, as well. For example, formal scrapbooks should use minimal stickers, while stickers might be perfect more informal scrapbooks. Regardless of the tone, wedding scrapbooking is the ultimate personalized symbol of a couple’s cherished relationship.



Learn How to quickly and easily get started in making money with Scrapbooking

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