Scrapbooking Tip: The Best Tips and Tricks

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Scrapbooking is becoming an increasingly popular hobby, and as it becomes more and more known, there are more available tips and tricks offered for this subject. If considering beginning scrapbooking yourself, or even if you are a seasoned professional at it, you should keep each scrapbooking tip in mind, as it might be able to help you down the road somehow.

Tips and Tricks

One good scrapbooking tip is to keep a notebook nearby so that you can write ideas for things as they come to you, for instance quotes or phrases that you hear and you like that you may want to use as a part in one of your scrapbooks. This is an important scrapbooking tip because although it is simple, the idea itself is often overlooked. Another good scrapbooking tip is to come up with new ways to organize and store your scrapbooking materials, such as metal charms and brads. Using plastic baggies or containers works well, especially if you label them.

Storing scraps is obviously essential to scrapbooking, and you can find clever and creative ways to store your scraps; such as storing them by color. This way when you need a certain color scrap, rather than having to dig through the entire pile you can simply go to the correct container or storing device and choose from there. This makes it a lot easier and can end up saving you an incredible amount of time.

Another crucial tip is to use acid-free products when scrapbooking. This is because when acid remains in products and you use them for your scrapbooking, the acid will react chemically to accelerate the deterioration of photos. You should also strive to use lignin-free products, because when lignin remains in a paper product such as a newspaper, it will end up yellowing and will become quite brittle over a period of time. Today, the majority of paper is lignin-free, but you should still be careful and watch to make sure that the paper products you purchase for your scrapbooking are too.

Using a photo labeling pencil is another good tip, and will help in protecting your photos. You can use this photo-safe pencil for labeling on both the front and the back of your photographs, and as well, you can use it to trace around templates on photos. Any marks left from these pencils can be easily wiped away with a tissue or a cotton ball.

Learn How to quickly and easily get started in making money with Scrapbooking

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