Finding Your Inner Scrapbooking Technique

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The beauty and, indeed, the appeal of scrapbooking is that the hobbyist is not constrained by any artificial requirements when it comes to scrapbooking technique. One particular method of creating a scrapbook is no more right than the next, and finished products usually say more about the creator than they do about the application of form. There are, however, some basics of scrapbooking technique that can be used by beginners or those seeking inspiration from the work of others.

Scrapbooking Templates

Several basic forms of scrapbooking technique seem to crop up in many projects. Many scrapbooks are built around a set of photographs that are themed on such subject matter as family, friends, and vacations. Regardless of the theme, a scrapbooking layout can either be homogenous or free form.

A homogenous layout uses the same scrapbooking technique on each page. The hobbyist might use clusters of pictures embellished with themed paper or mementos throughout the book. This scrapbooking technique is particularly useful when each group of pictures tells the same story but from a different angle.

That fishing trip where dad caught the shark is a good example. One picture shows dad beaming with delight, one shows the entire group around the shark, and another shows the hackneyed “brother-in-law-with-head-in-shark’s-mouth” shot (sigh!). The scrapbooking technique allows the group of pictures to tell something slightly different about the same event from several points of view.

A free-form layout is exactly what it says: free of form. Each page is different from the last with no particular rhyme or reason, and this is particularly effective when you have a very loose or no theme at all. A group of pictures of the girls’ night out on one page might be followed a napkin with a waiter’s phone number on it on the next. This is a useful scrapbooking technique for tying together loose ends.

Details, Details, Details

Any advice on scrapbooking technique has to be taken with a grain of salt and a heavy dose of caveat. The caveat is that there really is no advice to give: only examples. For the hobbyist who wants to generate ideas about different approaches to scrapbooking, the Internet is immensely powerful. Many sites offer examples of scrapbooking technique that even the most seasoned person can use. It also offers hobbyists the opportunity to share their work with others.

Whatever method a scrapbooker decides to use, the important thing to keep in mind is to not sweat the details of form, but concentrate on telling your story on the pages of the scrapbook. Scrapbooking technique is unimportant when compared to the value of a story told in clips and pieces.





Learn How to quickly and easily get started in making money with Scrapbooking

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