The First Rule of Scrapbooking Page Layout: There Are No Rules

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So you’ve gathered your supplies for your next scrapbooking project, and now you find yourself faced with the sometimes sticky (no pun intended) subject of scrapbooking page layout. How, exactly, do you take your carefully built pile of supplies and knick-knacks and turn them into something uniquely yours?

Throw Out the Rule Book

There are few things more disheartening than to take such a joyful hobby as scrapbooking and saddle it with unnecessary rules and style guides. The very essence of the hobby is that you can create wonderful scrapbooks, in the absence of rules, that are truly fun and often genuinely creative. In fact, it is the lack of guidelines on such matters as scrapbooking page layout that inspires and encourages the creative juices to flow.

In any hobby there are going to be those few who believe that one way of doing a thing is always superior to all others. Thankfully, most in the scrapbooking community have embraced the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your particular scrapbooking page layout might not be what your neighbor would have done, but given two different sets of hands it is likely that you will get two very different but equally delightful scrapbooks. This is, thankfully, a hobby for admirers, not critics.

That said, however, it is equally important that certain elements of scrapbooking page layout do offer the viewer of the scrapbook different experiences. The central item, whether it is a photo, a letter, or some other memento, can be presented in many different ways. In terms of scrapbooking page layout, none are necessarily superior but each creates a subtle difference in presentation.

A centered picture, for example, draws the eyes to the photo and away from the embellishments that you have likely added to the page. This is a particularly effective method of creating a sense of importance. It is similar to the poetic method of emphasizing importance by placing a single word on its own line and is a very effective scrapbooking page layout strategy.

Now, imagine that same picture with a piece of poetry. You might not want to center the picture or the poetry here, so offsetting the items is a creative scrapbooking page layout method. By not giving either prominence at the center of the page, you give both items equal clout. This form of scrapbooking page layout says to the viewer that both items are important to you. It creates synergy: the idea that both pieces, taken together, are greater than if they were viewed separately.

However you decide to present your scrapbook, keep in mind that whatever you do is okay. You are creating a work of art that is uniquely yours, and trifles such as scrapbooking page layout should not stand between you and your masterpiece. So throw out the rulebook, or better still, cut out words and phrases from that book and use them to embellish your scrapbook.













Learn How to quickly and easily get started in making money with Scrapbooking

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