Scrapbooking Organizer: As Wild as You Want to Be

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Drawers and boxes begin to fill with pictures, scraps, and knick-knacks of all sorts, and the madness has taken you. How does the scrapbooking hobbyist maintain order and sanity amidst the chaos? A scrapbooking organizer might just be the answer you’re looking for.

Taming the Monster

You might have noticed that anything and everything is a candidate for a page in your scrapbook. You also probably never thought about getting a scrapbooking organizer until you had to unbury your desk from the collection you have acquired. If you’re serious about the hobby then a scrapbooking organizer is likely to be one of your best friends and will help to keep the other members of your household from throwing out your precious mementos.

Have you ever been behind the little old lady at the supermarket who whips out a purse-sized organizer filled with coupons? It is likely that she can tell you each coupon’s value and expiration date without batting an eye. The fact is that organizing your work makes sense and allows you a better idea of what you have. A scrapbooking organizer also provides a single, convenient depository for all of your items.

As Elusive as the Yeti, as Common as Dirt

Anything, from a shoebox to a six-drawer indexed filing cabinet can be a scrapbooking organizer. The various hobby shops and websites starting to spring up as evidence of the popularity of this pastime all seem to offer some type of scrapbooking organizer, from accordion type coupon organizers to multi drawer roll around units. The only limit seems to be how much the hobbyist is willing to spend. Before you plunk down a pile of cash on that snazzy scrapbooking organizer you drooled over on your favorite website, take a few moments and be sure you are making the right decision.

The most important question you might ask yourself is just how organized do you want to be? If you are comfortable simply having a single spot for all your supplies, then it is likely that a plastic tote will more than suffice as your scrapbooking organizer. If, however, you have to have each category of item indexed alphabetically, with a specific drawer for each of your implements and another area for scrapbook pages organized by color, then you might consider one of the more elaborate offerings that are available at most websites or hobby stores.

Just as each scrapbook is unique to the person who creates it, so is the need for organization. Regardless of how fancy you want to be, you will likely find that a scrapbooking organizer helps keep everything within easy reach and leaves you more time to enjoy your hobby.






Learn How to quickly and easily get started in making money with Scrapbooking

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