How to Create Stunning a Scrapbooking Layout

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The scrapper always wants to create the best scrapbooking layout, but sometimes the problem is finding the scrapbooking layout idea. Ideas for scrapbooking layouts are everywhere, just type “scrapbooking layout idea” into any Internet search engine, and you will come up with hundreds of ideas. You could consider attending a scrapbooking class to get ideas, or get layout ideas from books and magazines. Go to a hobby or craft store and pick up a few, since they are full of scrapbooking layout ideas.

Getting Started

A scrapbooking layout starts with a background page. First, decide what size page you want for your layout, as scrapbooking layouts come in many sizes, though the traditional sizes are 8 ½" by 11" and 12" by 12". After choosing your size, look at your pictures to think about the colors and theme of your pictures. For example, there are background pages that have a beach theme, so if you have beach pictures this might be a good idea. Or, consider a solid colored background page that you can add elements to.

After choosing your background page for your scrapbooking layout, you will need to pick the accent paper. You will want to mount your pictures on paper to help them to pop from the page, but make sure your accent paper matches both your pictures and your background page. One technique that looks nice is to double-mount pictures, using two contrasting colors. Get a large variety of colors so you can experiment as you create your scrapbooking layout.

The last thing you add to your scrapbooking layout is embellishments, such as stickers, brads, die cuts, glitter, fiber, and ribbon. Think about the theme of your layout and the colors you have used. Only buy embellishments that will match the rest of your page. Make sure your embellishments do not detract from your pictures, because they should be the stars of the page!

One important element of any scrapbooking layout is the journaling, otherwise known as where the scrapper writes about what and who is in the pictures. This is very important, especially when creating an album you want to pass on to future generations. Chances are in twenty years you might not remember why that picture was so important. Journaling ensures that you will capture all of the memory, not just the picture.

As you create your scrapbooking layout, let your personality shine through the page. Do no get too tied down to someone else’s idea. The beauty of scrapbooking is the creative outlet the hobby provides. Get your supplies, and have fun! There is no right or wrong in the world of scrapbooking!

Learn How to quickly and easily get started in making money with Scrapbooking

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