I Wish I had a Scrapbooking Desk

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Many avid scrapbookers wish they had an exclusive, specially carved out place where they could pursue their hobby with every thing at their fingertips. However, not everyone has the budget or space for that kind of luxury, so they make do with what they have.

But I have it all sketched out – in my mind that is. My scrapbooking desk, my little haven away from Cheerios and diapers, bills and bake sales. I have seen many a scrapbooking desk and even special scrapbooking rooms in magazines, and I feel the possibilities are only limited to the size of your room and the number of digits you can enter in your check book.

A particular solution for a scrapbooking desk that does not take up much space is provided by The Container Store and their Elfa line of products. If you visit their website or pick up a catalog you can see how they have cleverly made a scrapbooking desk, or any craft desk for that matter inside a regular closet.

By rearranging the shelving and installing one solid shelf for a desk, you can have your paper, brads, and beads, die cuts, stickers and stamps all in front of your eyes. When you are done, all you need to do is close the closet door.

There are other brands and manufacturers that can make an exclusive scrapbooking desk, but any large, flat, well-lit surface should be able to do the job. The trick is to have all your supplies organized and easily accessible.

Advantages of Having a Scrapbooking Desk

The main benefit of having a scrapbooking desk or other scrapbooking space is that you can create quick cards or other paper crafts much quicker than if you have to take everything out and set up camp. A last minute party invitation and you can whip up a cute card made from the heart.

Another benefit is that you can take on larger projects and do them at your own pace without having to finish everything in one sitting. If you volunteer to make the concert programs for your son’s preschool class, you can make a few at a time and return to it rather than having to lug all the supplies out again.

If your scrapbooking desk has drawers, you can label them to hold your supplies, and even alphabetize them if you’re really organized! If your scrapbooking desk however doesn’t have any add-ons, you can buy bins and baskets, small cabinets and folders to hold your treasures. The secret is knowing where the pumpkin rubber stamp is just when you need one.

I wish I had a scrapbooking desk – but until I do, roll out the plastic cart and clear the kitchen table, because I’m scrapbooking tonight!

Learn How to quickly and easily get started in making money with Scrapbooking

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