Memory Scrapbooking for Intermediate Paper Crafters

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You know the basics and you have a few decent scrapbooks under your belt. Now you would like to embark on more memory scrapbooking but with some varied techniques. Here are a few ideas that might inspire you:


If you like to use more than one or two pictures per page, then consider a filmstrip theme to a center spread page of your album. Just like the negatives from your film cameras, imitate the same ‘strip’ above and below your pictures. Try to choose pictures of similar size or crop them so that the filmstrip is uniform and cohesive.

Change Tones

If you have a myriad of color pictures and are looking for something different, go to your local copy store and get a color picture in a sepia or black and white tone. That will make a close-up very distinctive and add a breath if fresh air to your layouts. Many portrait studios offer such special enhancements when you go in for a sitting, so think of that before you book you next appointment.

When in Doubt, Replicate

Imitate ideas in memory scrapbooking by buying some magazines and replicating the layouts from their pages. Better still, get the inspiration and customize it to your needs. A flower made from polka-dotted patterned paper in a layout can be even more fun when you cut out the same shapes from a princess themed paper and put your little cupcake right in the middle of the flower.

Try a New Technique

For instance, inking the edges of your paper is very easy and adds instant pizzazz. Sanding the edges of a picture or antiquing it with distresses inks can also add depth and meaning to your layout. Try one new technique at a time so as no to overwhelm yourself. Have fun experimenting with one thing such as heat embossing and then graduate to the next.

Play with Embellishments

If you are stuck for ideas in memory scrapbooking layouts, then play around with brads, beads and stickers. Used 3-D adhesive dots behind sayings printed from your own computer or die-cut letters for a heading and add glitter to it. Memory scrapbooking is basically a collection of treasured memories, whether it is of years gone by, a special vacation, or a loved one. There are no rigid rules about memory scrapbooking and that is the most beautiful thing about it.


Learn How to quickly and easily get started in making money with Scrapbooking

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