Magazine Scrapbooking: A Fun Pastime

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Scrapbooking is a popular hobby that results in people of all ages going to craft stores looking for the perfect decorating supplies. What they often overlook is the fact that decoration can come from any type of magazine that one might have around the home. Thus, magazine scrapbooking is an especially creative way to personalize one’s scrapbook.

Some Fun Magazine Scrapbooking Ideas

In any type of scrapbooking, words are important, whether it is as captions or as favorite quotes, magazine scrapbooking is very useful. Look for titles in magazines, cut out the words, then mix and match the words in such a way as to create memorable phrases. The different font types and sizes in magazine scrapbooking are much more visually interesting than if one were to type out phrases all in the same size and font.

Magazine scrapbooking is also lots of fun, because if one has lots of different magazines lying around the home, one has lots of pictorial options to choose from other than just regular photographs. This can be quite useful for a person that is especially into a specific Hollywood actor or actress. Look through entertainment magazines such as People or Entertainment Weekly for lots of options. For example, if a person likes Johnny Depp, put a photo of the person next to the magazine picture of him, and put in humorous captions.

Magazine scrapbooking also allows one to include favorite hobbies of the person the scrapbook is being made for. For example, the subject of the scrapbook likes the beach, so look through a travel magazine for pictures, and place a cut out of the subject in the middle of the photo. Not only is an idea such as this potentially funny, but it is also a great way to creatively portray a person’s personality.

Because magazines come complete with many different kinds of text and pictures, magazine scrapbooking is a great idea for those who do not feel that they are especially creative (since all that is required is selection of images, cutting, and gluing). It is also a good idea for people that are completely overwhelmed by all of the scrapbooking options that one comes across in a craft store. Thus, keeping the scrapbooking theme to magazine content is much easier in comparison.

The price of magazine scrapbooking really depends on how much one pays for the magazines that are to be used. For those who are cost-conscious, a good idea is to look around the house for available magazines rather than to go out and buy new ones. One will find, however, that regardless of the price, magazine scrapbooking is a fun way to remember memories through a scrapbook.

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