The Do’s and Don’ts of Heritage Scrapbooking

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Do consider a heritage scrapbooking gift for your grandparents or parents’ anniversary or even as a Christmas gift. A creatively designed book filled with memories of their ancestors and traditions will beat a store bought gift any day.

Don’t rule out younger members on your gift list either. If you feel a cousin or aunt is inclined towards learning about the family history, make a mini-version of your heritage scrapbooking gift for them.

Do research your family tree. You can find free downloads on the web where you can start plugging in names from the junior most members of the family and then work upwards. This is the essence of heritage scrapbooking and you can ask aunts and uncles for help.

Do sort through all the old albums and shoe boxes you find in your parents’ attic.

Don’t aim to include every picture. Sort and choose the best of a particular occasion or time and make a separate, exclusive pile to use in heritage scrapbooking.

Creativity with Caution

Don’t crop the originals. You might make a mistake and the priceless old pictures may be irreplaceable.

Do make copies and then play around with shapes and scissors for your pictures.

Don’t use very bright or neon colored cardstock or embellishments as they will not tie in with the aged pictures.

Do use deep muted tones like gray, tan, burgundy and black. Heritage scrapbooking need not be dull, but the paper and accessories used should not distract from the photos either.

Do journal as much as you can. Again, help from older relatives can come in handy.

Do use embellishments which depict that period in time. Whether it is a particular type of fabric or symbol, get creative with your heritage scrapbooking.

Do use a ‘now and then’ theme if you can. For example, a wedding theme page with a picture of your grandparents on their wedding, a picture of your parents when they tied the knot and then one of you on your special day can really bring out the beauty of heritage scrapbooking, especially if, for instance, you are wearing the same pearls as your grandmother is in her picture.

Do consider making color copies of your completed book to gift to all members of the family on a special occasion. If your budget doesn’t allow for that, then choose a few of your best pages to distribute.

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