Digital Scrapbooking—Is It the Next Great Thing?

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As scrapbooking becomes increasingly popular, it is only logical that the hobby will migrate into the computer world. Digital scrapbooking is the newest idea among scrapbooking enthusiasts, and refers to using the computer to create or enhance scrapbook pages.

Digital scrapbooking can be done two ways. The pure digital scrapbook is made entirely using the computer. Digital pictures are downloaded, paper pictures are scanned, and then the fun begins! Digital scrapbooking software includes elements that look like just about any traditional scrapbook page. Digital scrapbookers create their pages on the computer, adding embellishments and journaling without paper supplies. It is important when creating a digital scrapbooking page to use quality paper to print the pages when they are done. Be sure the paper you use is acid and lignin free, and relatively thick. This will ensure that your pages last for a long time.

One of the benefits of digital scrapbooking is the ease of sharing your pages. Digital scrapbook pages can be uploaded on the Internet and shared with family and friends all over the world, whereas a paper bound album can only be shared with people who you are face-to-face with. Digital scrapbooks are great for people whose families are spread out across the country.

Print It Up and Make It Pretty

If you wish to do digital scrapbooking and use 12" by 12" paper, you will need a special printer. Digital scrapbooking is becoming increasingly popular, and printer manufacturers have created printers that take the 12" by 12" paper. The benefit of 12" by 12" paper is that the scrapper can fit more pictures per page, meaning that less overall pages are needed. Of course, with a digital scrapbook, pictures can be shrunk and enlarged as needed, so 12" by 12" paper is not as necessary as with paper scrapbooks.

Other scrapbookers use the computer to enhance their paper pages. Elements and journaling can be created using the computer and then added to the paper pages. Or, some scrappers use the computer to enhance and edit their pictures, before putting them on their paper pages. While not pure digital scrapbooking, this form of scrapbooking can create some very interesting effects.

Regardless of how you choose to use it, digital scrapbooking is sure to be a part of your scrapbooking portfolio in the near future, especially with the increasing popularity of digital cameras. The computer is going to be one of your best scrapbooking tools, so start experimenting, and learn the art of digital scrapbooking today!

Learn How to quickly and easily get started in making money with Scrapbooking

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