A Baby Scrapbooking Idea Straight from the Baby Shower

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Searching for a baby scrapbooking idea usually isn’t really difficult. The baby shower offers a great source of inspiration for a baby scrapbooking idea and the perfect place to collect supplies that you can turn into a keepsake to celebrate the arrival of a new child. Even if the new arrival is not yours, you should not pass up the chance to turn your hobby into a treasured gift. There is likely to be no present as remembered or coveted.

The Tried and True

Scrapbooking is really equal parts inspiration, imagination, and perspiration. A baby scrapbooking idea need not be a tedious process; indeed, the birth of a child presents many opportunities for the scrapbooking enthusiast.

The theme of your baby shower is, of course, the baby. However, a great baby scrapbooking idea that is sure to make yours a page-turner is to include friends and family in the scrapbook. Place instant cameras on your coffee table and ask guest to snap shots of the festivities. Use these on the pages to show that this was a celebration, not only of new life, but also of old friendships.

One Man’s Garbage Can Be Scrapbooking Gold

A virtual given in any baby shower is that the party is likely to generate a large pile of cards and wrapping paper. A baby scrapbooking idea might be to create a theme based on the party, if themes are your thing. These could be as simple as setting the pages of your scrapbook to certain colors or patterns. If you’ve gone a little overboard and had a sports-themed baby shower for your soon-to-be all-star, then that theme can certainly lend itself well to a baby scrapbooking idea.

That pile of gift-wrap that usually ends up in the trash should be saved along with the greeting cards sent by well-wishers. Paper can be used for picture borders or to create interesting color breaks between other items on a page. Touching words from greeting cards, either those printed on the card or those written by a friend, can add a very personal element to your scrapbook. Even tags off clothing are perfect for your scrapbook if there is a story behind the item.

This quick scrapbooking idea really touches on the heart of the hobby, and that inspiration is really and truly all around us. Snippets of time captured on the pages of the scrapbook can become treasured depositories of our fondest memories. Your baby scrapbooking idea is likely to be no exception to this.

Learn How to quickly and easily get started in making money with Scrapbooking

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